At Dental Implant Institute, board-certified periodontist Jennifer Cha, DMD, MS, aims to provide all-inclusive oral health care to adults living in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, and throughout Clark County.

Founded in 1998, Dental Implant Institute has a reputation for excellence in clinical therapy and full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Cha developed the 5-in-1 technique, a dental implant system that allows patients to receive a brand new smile in one single appointment.

Using a sophisticated range of patented surgical techniques and treatment methods, including Osseofuse dental implants, Dr. Cha helps people achieve healthy, happy smiles. Her years of experience ensure technical excellence and positive outcomes in all types of treatment.

At the Dental Implant Institute, patients can access general dentistry, laser therapy, and periodontics, as well as more complicated procedures like gum grafting, sinus bone grafting, and sinus lifts.

Dr. Cha always sets aside time to meet with each of her patients and develops custom care plans using an integrative, whole mouth approach. To receive comprehensive oral health care in a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment, partner with Dr. Cha and the team at Dental Implant Institute. Book a consultation online, or call the office schedule an appointment today.


Founded in 1998 in Las Vegas, NV, the Dental Implant Institute (DII) is renowned for its distinctive innovation and advanced knowledge in dental implant therapy.

The company’s sophisticated range of patented surgical techniques and methods of treatment are combined with technical excellence and tested clinical skills create an environment where we can offer a distinct level of treatment to all our patients.

The Dental Implant Institute’s continued excellence in clinical therapy in full mouth reconstruction was missing one piece: a dental implant system that is conducive to their patented technique of 5 in 1 which allow full mouth reconstruction.